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ISSN : 1225-0171(Print)
ISSN : 2287-545X(Online)
Korean Journal of Applied Entomology Vol.58 No.1 pp.27-29

A New Record of Parasitoid Wasp Schizoprymnus terebralis (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from Korea

Yeonghyeok Yu, Subin Choi1, Hyojoong Kim*
Department of Biology, Kunsan National University, Gunsan 54150, Korea
1Forest Biodiversity Division, Korea National Arboretum, Pocheon 11186, Korea
*Corresponding author:
November 8, 2018 November 28, 2018 January 31, 2019


Schizoprymnus terebralis (Snoflák, 1953) in the Helconinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) is reported for the first time in Korea. Redescription, diagnosis, host information and illustrations are provided.

한국산 미기록 기생벌 Schizoprymnus terebralis (벌목: 고치벌과)에 대한 보고

유영혁, 최수빈1, 김효중*
군산대학교 생물학과, 1국립수목원 산림생물조사과


고치벌과에 속하는 Helconinae아과의 Schizoprymnus terebralis (Snoflák, 1953)을 한국에서 처음으로 보고한다. 본 종의 재기재, 진단, 숙주 정보 그리고 삽화를 제공한다.

    The family Braconidae (Hymenoptera) are worldwide in distribution with approximately 20,000 described species (Yu et al., 2016), in which 400 species were subdivided into the subfamily Helconinae (Yu et al., 2006). Most of the helconid wasps are solitary koinobiont endo-parasitic to beetle larvae (Beyarslan and Coban, 2014). Members of the genus Schizoprymnus (Förster, 1862) are characterized by anterior three metasomal tergites fused to form a carapace, of which remaining segments are hidden (Belokobylskij and Maeto, 2007). In current, the genus includes 8 species of Schizoprymnus acataphractusSnoflák, 1953, Schizoprymnus azerbajdzhanlcus Abdinbekova, 1967, Schizoprymnus cavernus Papp, 1989, Schizoprymnus commotus Papp, 1989, Schizoprymnus nigripes Thomson, 1892, Schizoprymnus opacus Thomson, 1892, Schizoprymnus querculus Papp, 1989 and Schizoprymnus temporalis Tobias, 1966 (NIBR, 2018).

    In this study, Schizoprymnus terebralis (Snoflák, 1953) is reported for the first time in South Korea. Rediscription, diagnosis, host information and illustrations are provided.

    Materials and Methods

    Materials of the braconids were collected by netting, sweeping and trap, which were preserved in 80% ethyl alcohol. Taxonomic information is referred from Yu et al. (2016). Terminology used for morphological characters follow Sharkey and Wharton (1997). Photographs were taken using a LEICA DMC2900 digital camera with a LEICA M205 C microscope (Leica Geosystems AG). LAS V4.11 (Leica Geosystems AG) and Zerene Stacker (Zerene Systems LLC) software were applied in stacking the images.

    Systematic accounts

    Family Braconidae Nees, 1811

    subfamily Helconinae Förster, 1862

    Genus Schizoprymnus Förster, 1862

    Schizoprymnus terebralis (Snoflák, 1953) 꽃벼룩고치벌(신칭) (Fig. 1A-F)

    Triaspis (Schizoprymnus) terebralis Snoflák, 1953: 285-396.

    Diagnosis. Length of body 3.1 mm, length of forewing 2.6 mm (Fig. 1A). Head: antenna 21 segmented (Fig. B), covered with yellowish setae, face covered with less setae, eyes covered with few whitish setae, mandible well developed with prong shape, occipital carina complete (Fig. 1D). Mesosoma: gloss, covered with rough carapace, overall covered with yellowish setae. Wing: overall covered with yellowish setae, forewing stigma widely with length/ wide ratio of 0.16-0.56; second submarginal cell absent with r-m privative; M, CU incomplete, hind wing basal cell complete (Fig. 1C). Metasoma: matt, covered with yellowish setae, carapace with complete anterior transverse grooves (Fig. 1E).

    Color. black; antenna, scape, head, mesonotum, metanotum, propodium, metasomal, coxa, femur, yellowish brown; tibia, tarsus, setae, darkness brown; mandible

    Distribution. Korea (new record), Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia, Greece; Greece- Crete; Greece-main, Hungary, Iran, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia; Russia-Chita Oblast; Russia- Primor’ye Kray, Ukraine, Yugoslavia; Yugoslavia-Serbia.

    Specimens examined. Korea, 2♂ (NIBR): 2♂, Mt. Bongsusan, Yesan, Chungam, 18. V. 2017, H.Kim.

    Host. (host insect. [host plant]) Mordellistena parvula [Carduus acanthoides]


    This work was supported by a grant from the National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR), funded by the Ministry of Environment (MOE) of the Republic of Korea (NIBR201701203). This work was carried out with the support of “Cooperative Research Program for Agriculture Science and Technology Development (Project No. PJ012572032018)” Rural Development Administration, Republic of Korea.


    Habitus of Schizoprymnus terebralis Snoflák: A, whole body; B, antenna; C, forewing, hindwing; D, head; E, metasoma; F, lateral view of abdomen.


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