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ISSN : 1225-0171(Print)
ISSN : 2287-545X(Online)
Korean Journal of Applied Entomology Vol.56 No.4 pp.421-426

Morphological Characteristics and Ecology of Locusta migratoria
(Orthoptera: Acrididae) in Jeonnam Province

Duck-Soo Choi*, Kyeong-Cheul Ma, Hyo-Jeong Kim, Jin-Hee, Lee and Sang-A Oh
Environment-friendly Agricultural Research Institute, JARES
Corresponding author:


These experiments were conducted to investigate the morphological characteristics, occurrence ecology, host preference, and oviposition of Locusta migratoria to create a forecasting manual in preparation for outbreaks of this species. The sex ratio (female:male) of 274 adult of L. migratoria which occurred naturally in the Muan region of Jeollanam-do was 18.2 : 81.8, 60.9% individuals were of the green type and 39.1% were of the brown type. Body length and body weight were 6.5 cm and 2.8 g for females and 5.0 cm and 1.5 g for males, respectively; body size did not differ between differently colored individuals. Spawning activity in the field was observed from late August to late October. Eggs laid between late September and early October hatched in late May the following year. Female adults fed 3.5 g of corn leaf and male adult was 1.6 g for a day. The host preference of L. migratoria was in the order corn > foxtail millet > millet > silver grass > rice, and preference for silver grass and rice was very low. Pure sand was most favorable for the spawning of L. migratoria, and the cumulative amount of hatching was higher when the soil moisture content was higher after spawning began.

전남지역에 발생하는 풀무치(Locusta migratoria )의 형태적 특징 및

전남농업기술원 친환경농업연구소


본 실험은 풀무치의 군집형 대발생 대비 예찰매뉴얼 개발을 위하여 형태적 특징, 발생생태, 먹이선호도, 산란조건 시험을 수행하였다. 전남 무안지역에 자연발생한 풀무치 274마리의 성비는 암컷과 수컷이 18.2 : 81.8로 수컷비율이 높았고, 녹색형이 60.9%, 갈색형이 39.1%로 녹색형 이 많았다. 몸길이와 체중이 암컷은 6.5 cm, 2.8 g이고, 수컷은 5.0 cm, 1.5 g으로 암컷이 컸으며, 색깔에 따른 몸 크기는 차이가 없었다. 야외에 서 풀무치의 산란활동은 8월 하순부터 10월 하순까지 관찰되었는데, 9월 하순부터 10월 상순에 산란한 알은 이듬해 5월 하순에 부화하였다. 성충 의 일일 섭식량은 암컷 3.5 g, 수컷 1.6 g 이었다. 풀무치의 먹이선호도는 옥수수 > 조 > 기장 > 억새 > 벼 순이었으며, 억새와 벼는 좋아하지 않 았다. 풀무치가 산란을 가장 선호하는 토양은 순수 모래였으며, 산란유도 후 토양 수분함량이 높을수록 누적부화량이 많았다.