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ISSN : 1225-0171(Print)
ISSN : 2287-545X(Online)
Korean Journal of Applied Entomology Vol.50 No.1 pp.79-82

시설 수박에서 콜레마니진디벌을 이용한 목화진딧물 방제


Biological Control of Cotton Aphid by Aphidius colemani (Hymenoptera : Braconidae) in Watermelon Greenhouses

문형철, 김웅, 최민경, 권성환, 신용규, 김대향, 황창연


  Biological control of Aphis gossypii by natural enemies was carried out in watermelon from April to June. Aphidius colemani was released 3 times at rate of 2/㎡ to control A. gossypii(April 24, May 8, and May 22 in 2007). In A. colemani-released plots, A. gossypii showed low population density of < 0.6 per leaf with the highest parasitism of 57.2%, and 2.0~10.6% in the percentage of leaves with aphids. In control, the population of A. gossypii kept on increasing from early May and reached 653.2/leaf on may 29.