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ISSN : 1225-0171(Print)
ISSN : 2287-545X(Online)
Korean Journal of Applied Entomology Vol.49 No.3 pp.211-218

북방수염하늘소(Monochamus saltuarius), 솔수염하늘소(Monochamus alternatus), 털두꺼비하늘소(Moechotypa diphysis) 성충의 표피탄화수소 비교


Comparison of Cuticular Hydrocarbons of the Pine Sawyer (Monochamus saltuarius), Japanese Pine Sawyer (Monochamus alternatus) and Oak Longicorn Beetle (Moechotypa diphysis)

이정은, 김은희, 윤창만, 김길하


  Cuticular hydrocarbons (CHCs) of the pine sawyer (Monochamus saltuarius), Japanese pine sawyer (M. alternatus) and oak longicorn beetle (Moechotypa diphysis) were analyzed by GC, GC-MS and compared. Monochamus beetles are typical vectors of pine wilt disease but Moechotypa diphysis, which belongs to the same family, is not. They possess different CHCs in carbon number: 23-25 in M. saltuarius, 25-32 in M. alternatus, and 23-29 in M. diphysis. In comparison to inter-species, these three species of adult beetles have different numbers and chains of constituents of CHCs. In comparison between male and female in intra-species, the quantities of CHCs show the difference but constituents are not. Major constituent of M. saltuarius were analyzed as n-pentacosane > n-nonacosane > n-heptacosane, those of M. alternatus were n-nonacosene > n-pentacosane > n-nonacosane, and those of M. diphysis were n-heptacosane > 13-methylheptacosane > 3-methylheptacosane. From the body surface, most saturated carbohydrates of 3 species beetles are composed of n-alkane (40.2 - 65.7%) and followed by olefines > monomethylalkanes that one or two double bonds in M. saltuarius and M. alternatus. Otherwise, M. diphysis have the difference in order of monomethylalkanes > olefins.