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ISSN : 1225-0171(Print)
ISSN : 2287-545X(Online)
Korean Journal of Applied Entomology Vol.49 No.2 pp.139-144

배과원에서 교미교란제를 이용한 복숭아순나방과 사과애모무늬잎말이나방 발생소장과 방제


Seasonal Catch and Control of Grapholita molesta(Lepidoptera:Tortricidae) and Adoxophyes orana(Lepidoptera:Tortricidae) by Mating Disruption in Pear Orchards

조영식, 송장훈, 황해성


  This study investigated the efficiency of mating disrupters for the control of Grapholita molesta(Busck) and Adoxophyes orana in pear orchards. G. molesta was shown 4 peak occurrence, which were different according to treatments. In conventional control, many moths were captured in mid and late April and peaks occurred in mid June, August, and early-mid September. In the non-control treatment, there were low populations in April. A. orana also appeared to 4 peak in 2007. Moths were rarely captured in mating disrupter treatment but many were captured in both the non-control and in conventional treatment. A. orana damage differed significantly between mating disrupter use and conventional control in 2006. Especially, the difference was significant between conventional control and mating disrupter to leaf damage in August, and there were similar results in the damage by G. molesta in the shoots and fruits.