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ISSN : 1225-0171(Print)
ISSN : 2287-545X(Online)
Korean Journal of Applied Entomology Vol.39 No.2 pp.99-103

천연첨가물을 이용한 칠성풀잠자리붙이 인공사료 개발


소간냉동건조분말, 누에번데기냉동건조분말, 수벌가루를 각각 첨가하여 만든 인공사료들을 이용하여 칠성풀잠자리붙이(Chrysopa pallens(Rambur))를 사육한 결과 누에냉동건조분말을 1% 수준으로 첨가한 먹이에서만 효율이 증대되었으며, 유충발육기간이 15.60.99일, 고치무게가 2.94mg, 성충까지의 생존율이 89.3%로 나타났다. 또한 소간냉동건조분말, 소고기냉동건조분말, 달걀냉동건조분말 그리고 설탕을 각각 4/4/3/4의 비율로 놓고 비타민 C와 Vanderzant의 비타민 B 혼합물을 각각 50mg씩 넣은 먹이로 칠성풀잠자리붙이를 사육한 결과 유충발육기간이 1.45일, 고치무게가 2.24mg, 성충까지 생존율이 100%fh 나타났으며, 산란 시작후 20일간의 산란수가 70.4개에 달해서, 이 인공사료를 이용한 칠성풀잠자리붙이의 대량사육이 가능한 것으로 나타났다.

Development of Artificial Diets for Green Lacewing, Chrysopa pallens(Rambur), by Addition of Natural Products

최만영, 이건휘, 백채훈, 이종진


The green lacewing, Chrysopa pallens (Rambur), was reared on artificial diets supplementedwith natural products such as lyophilized beef liver, silk worm pupae powder and drone honey beepowder. The performance of the green lacewing was improved siginificantly on only the diet to whichadded 1 % of silk worm pupae powder (wt/v). Larval developement was completed in 15.6 f 0.99 days,cocoon weight was 16.4f2.94 mg, and suvival to adult was 89.3% at 27C. And another diet made bymixing 4 part of lyophilized beef liver powder, 4 part of lyophilized beef powder, 3 part of lyophilizedchicken egg, 4 part of sucrose, and 50 mg each of vitamin C and Vanderzant`s vitamin B mixture waspromising. Larval development of the green lacewing on this diet was completed in 12.7 f 1.45 days at27"C, pupal weight was 18.1 f 2.24mg, suvival to adult was loo%, and 633f70.4 eggs were laid in 20days after beginning of oviposition.ginning of oviposition.